About Me

About me

“The philosophical study of nature endeavours, in the vicissitudes of phenomena, to connect the present with the past.” 

Alexander from Humboldt – Aspects of Nature

Ever since I was a child I was intrigued with nature and the diversity that inhabits our planet. Inspired by stories of naturalists and early pioneers of scuba-diving I took up with nature photography and began my Bachelor studies in Biology at the Karl-Franzens University of Graz in 2012. After finishing my Master’s degree in Evolution and Ecology in 2018, I decided to apply for a DOC-Fellowship from the Austrian Academy of Science, which I finally received in July 2019. My individual PhD-project is conducted in a joint framework between the University of Graz (Stephan Koblmüller) and Antwerp (Hannes Svardal) and seeks to explore the ecological and genomic role in the diversification of a unique intertidal clingfish radiation in the Mediterranean Sea. Apart from that, I am involved in evolutionary and biogeography research of intertidal oribatid mites from Japan and other small benthic (cryptobenthic) fish families.

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I am also actively supporting nature conservation and environmental education projects.
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